Owning and managing rental properties is hard work – especially if you want to realize the full potential of your investments. The truth is, managing even a single property is a full-time job. When you have more than one property, it quickly becomes too much to take care of on your own.

At Ubiquity Property Management, we offer you a better way to protect and enhance the value of your property. Our professional team knows how to cover every little detail of smart rental management, and we have the resources to ensure that your property is being cared for 24/7. We work hard to make sure that your physical property gets everything it needs – particularly routine maintenance – while also paying careful attention to the needs of your tenants. Happy renters help minimize vacancies, something every rental owner can appreciate.

We work with owners throughout Minot, Burlington, Minot Air Force Base, Stanley, Powers Lake, and Tioga. Please contact us now to discuss your specific management needs, and learn what we can do for you and your property!